Friday, July 8, 2016

Item1 - Samsung S7 Edge

I'm wondering, how many of the things which I own are things I really need and use regularly? I will start documenting one item each day.

Item #1 to be documented is my phone! The samsung S7edge. I love photography but I love convenience even more. The phone will be more likely to be with me almost all the time compared to a DSLR. I've still some practicing to do when it comes to the pro mode but with the auto mode, I've already got shots which I'm pretty happy with. My photography account on instagram @cherishedshots is filled with photos from the S7 Edge although there are a few from the Samsung S3 and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX7. The S7 Edge is the most expensive "camera" I have had so far. I can photograph things the way I picture them in my mind so it is worth it.

Here are some photos which I shot with the Cyber-shot camera during the unboxing of the S7 Edge.

Top View / Front View of the box

The 1st Sight!

The pin for removing the sim/sd card tray and the charger

The iflix code

I like listening to music and spotify is a convenient way for me to listen to music anywhere and at anytime so I've got it installed. I'm using Microsoft One Note as it was pre-installed in the phone, and have made it work for my bullet journalling and note taking in general. I've been making full use of my phones for a lot of personal and work tasks. I only play "2048" so I haven't really been making full use of its capabilities in the gaming department. 

There're plenty of reviews of the S7 Edge online so I will keep this short. In summary, the camera of the Samsung S7 Edge (S7 has the same camera) is fast and clear. What more do you need? I've yet to try the RAW mode, I will get started soon once I've mastered the pro mode features. If you're also an S7 Edge user or a "phonephotographer" like me, let me know what you think. From reviews I've seen, there are other phones with very good cameras as well. We can now capture more of the important or cherished moments because most of us would have our phones with us most of the time. Yeay to that!

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