Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simple Fried Rice

All you need for a simple plate of fried rice is rice, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce. I added dried shrimp, ginger, mango and an egg to my fried rice. The steps and ingredients for preparing this. Any feedback/suggestions or advise is appreciated. :)

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1) Dice garlic
2) Cut ginger into shreds
3) Rinse dried shrimp (then fry for awhile in non-stick pan(without oil) to remove moisture before cooking)
4) Cut mango into small pieces

Steps :
1) Heat up sesame oil in frying pan/wok
2) Turn off the heat (which was the gas in my situation.
3) Add in garlic and dried shrimp (dry) and the ginger
4) Swirl this around till garlic turns almost golden.
5) Pour ingredients onto a small plate
6) Pour the rice (cooked) into the pan/work and fry for awhile.
7) Add the egg and fry.
8) Add the ingredients from the small plate into the fried rice and fry for awhile.
9) Add the cut mangoes and serve.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quick and Easy Air Fryer Cooking - Yellow Ginger Fried Chicken

I tried cooking with the air fryer yesterday. I'd marinated the chicken the day before and in the morning yesterday, I took the chicken pieces out of the fridge and put them in a bowl, where I added some sesame oil.  I arranged the chicken pieces on the air fryer wire mesh. The air fryer temperature was set to 180 degrees and the timer for 10 minutes. I cut two slices from a lemon, washed cherries, halfed a dragon fruit and drank some whey protein and fruit juice while the chicken was cooking.
On Monday, which was two days ago, I'd tried cooking the chicken I'd marinated the same way, by frying it with a non-stick pan. The chicken was a bit more tender than the one from the air fryer. I guess ten minutes is too long for "cubed" chicken so I'll try 9 minutes today as I've some chicken left.
The point is, cooking with an air fryer is easy and convenient for me. In ten minutes, my chicken was cooked. I didn't have to stand by the fryer during the ten minutes which means I could use the time for other tasks in my morning preparation list.

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So I tried cooking this again and I set the timer to 9 minutes. The chicken was well cooked (you might want to try 8 minutes to see if the chicken is more tender). Thought I'd share the recipe, assuming you've basic cooking knowledge and know how to use an air fryer. Do check the manual or check with an experienced person when in doubt.
Ingredients : Sea Salt, Turmeric/yellow ginger, Chicken Breast (Cubed), Lemon, and your go-to sauce for chicken Steps : 1. Sprink some sea salt over the chicken and add turmeric poweder till chicken cubes are lightly covered in it. 2. Leave this to marinade, either overnight or if you're short of time, about ten minutes 3. When you're ready to cook the chicken, arrange the chicken on the mesh in the air fryer. 4. The air fryer settings I used is 180 degrees(celcius) and 9 minutes. This is it! If you've any recipes to share, feel free to leave a comment below. I'm not that good at cooking and I would appreciate advise and suggestions. Tasty and quick prep meals is the goal!