Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simple Fried Rice

All you need for a simple plate of fried rice is rice, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce. I added dried shrimp, ginger, mango and an egg to my fried rice. The steps and ingredients for preparing this. Any feedback/suggestions or advise is appreciated. :)

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1) Dice garlic
2) Cut ginger into shreds
3) Rinse dried shrimp (then fry for awhile in non-stick pan(without oil) to remove moisture before cooking)
4) Cut mango into small pieces

Steps :
1) Heat up sesame oil in frying pan/wok
2) Turn off the heat (which was the gas in my situation.
3) Add in garlic and dried shrimp (dry) and the ginger
4) Swirl this around till garlic turns almost golden.
5) Pour ingredients onto a small plate
6) Pour the rice (cooked) into the pan/work and fry for awhile.
7) Add the egg and fry.
8) Add the ingredients from the small plate into the fried rice and fry for awhile.
9) Add the cut mangoes and serve.

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