Friday, July 1, 2016

Clothes that Spark Joy

I've been reading about Marie Kondo and the art of being tidy. Articles often mention things that spark joy. I've a two door wardrobe, and all my clothes could not fit into it. When I read about minimalism and project333, I thought about the clothes I have. Some had been worn only once or twice while there were some which I wore on a weekly basis. The clothes I wore weekly were the ones which made me feel confident and comfortable in. So I picked out my favourite items and kept the rest in a luggage bag, just to see how it would feel. I wear the same set of clothes for work and for going out.

Here's what I picked out :
1 Plain White T-Shirt
1 Plain Black T-Shirt
1 White Button Down Shirt
1 Grey Blouse
1 Black Blouse

1 White Shirt with Grey Stripes
1 Grey Shirt
1 Mint and White Striped Shirt
1 Pink Floral Skirt
1 Grey Skirt

1 Grey Skorts
2 Pairs of Jeans
1 Pair of Navy Shorts
1 Pair of Ivory Shorts

1 Black and White Dress
1 White Collared T-Shirt
1 Black Collared T-Shirt
1 White Jacket
1 Grey Jacket

1 Navy Sleeveless Blouse
1 Pink Jacket
1 Pair of Black Shoes
2 Pairs of Walking/Running Shoes (Nikes!)

1 White T-Shirt with Black Stripes and Floral Design

There are 26 items in the list and I might add a few more as I go along. I'm going to observe whether I will be going through my luggage bag looking for my other clothes or if there are clothes in this list which I don't wear. I'm not really doing a project333 but I'm using the idea of it to understand myself better.

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