Sunday, July 10, 2016

4 Reasons to Lead a Simple Life with Less Stuff

Why are more and more people choosing to declutter, reduce items they own and become minimalists? I've been trying to declutter and practice minimalism. Upon decluttering, here are four reasons I've discovered which is keeping me going on the journey to being a minimalist.

1. Bright and Light. Looking at my decluttered dressing area, I feel light and happy. It now has the essential skin care products and a few pretty make-up items which I use once or twice a week when I'm in the mood for make-up. It brightens up my morning and all that I need are easily accessible.

2. Focus. Your mind will be clearer when your home and workspace is clear, clean and tidy. I keep my workspace most minimal of all my spaces. It has a monitor, my laptop dock, a pen holder, a desk phone, my laptop, a mouse and a keyboard. Yup, pretty minimal for someone like me who lived with clutter for years. I actually really enjoy being at my desk at work because it's so inspiring to work in.

3. Relaxed. I now sleep on two yoga mats lined with a blanket. I have blanket to cover myself with, a pillow and a bolster. Yup. That's my bed. It's easy to make in the morning and easy to maintain. I sometimes plank and do a few push ups if I can't fall asleep. The exercise does not keep me awake, I feel relaxed and ready for bed right after.

4. Self discovery. I've discovered quite a bit of myself when I tried out project 333. I found that there are clothes that I liked and wore frequently. These are clothes that make me feel comfortable and confident when I'm wearing them. There are clothes which were not picked as part of the 33 items. These are stored in suitcases in case I want to wear them. Some of the clothes are for cooler temperature, for when I travel so I'm keeping them well. Some clothes were bought because I felt they were "in" or stylish but didn't really fit me(nor my personal style) that well.

Each person will have his/her own opinions, reasons and discovery once he/she has tried decluttering and living with less stuff. Do leave a comment with your reasons if you've any to share so that we can inspire others.

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